Driveway Power Washing
drive-way Power Washing

The entrance floors, particularly entrances and exits of residential garages, are usually porous and have some attrition, ideal for automobile circulation and the like. However when we talk about cleaning, it is always a complicated situation, because all the residues and dirt, are encrusted on these floors. Car oil smudges, grease, abrasive product stains, as well as stains and scuffs caused by the weather are explicitly noted on these surfaces.

The only way to have a new entrance, or is to put a new floor, or to have a washing system capable of being effective and bring all the aspect of a new floor! We are certain that this last hypothesis is the best (and cheaper!)

Power Washing Driveways with water pressure is the best solution, the easiest way to remove dirt. Household pressure washers usually connect to your garden hose and dramatically pressurize water as it leaves the machine. These can be powered by gas or electricity. The pressure can be adjusted on the machine, since the more ingrained dirt requires a higher pressure to remove easily. If you are not ready to make the investment in a new machine, some machinery stores offer rental equipment and there is also the possibility of hiring a specialized company.

It is important to understand the difference between a gas and an electric washing machine. Basically electric washers have less power compared to a gas driven unit. Although there are washers that can generate even greater pressures, they are used for commercial applications. If you are using the gas unit, use care in softer materials, for example with fences, as the pressure is sufficient to damage the wood.

It is important to practice proper safety because the water comes out of the nozzle at such high pressure. Never direct a spray from the pressure washer to you or others. The spray can cause large wounds on the body. Always wear closed shoes, preferably boots during operation. The use of goggles will protect your eyes from any water or debris that may recede from use.

Allying the use of the pressure jet with appropriate detergents, and also with different water temperature, can be much more advantageous! Look for information inside the stores that sell the equipment, which best fits the wash you want, as well as watch to demonstrations of cleanliness identical to the one you want to buy. We provide our own water supply for the ultimate driveway clean.


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