The Effectiveness of Power Washing with Hot and Cold Water

The Effectiveness of Power Washing with Hot and Cold Water

Power washing comes into two different categories: hot and cold water. People in the commercial cleaning job can either use hot or cold water depending on the substance on the cleaning surfaces. It is no doubt power washing with steamy water will yield better results compared to using cold water. However, both power washing techniques have its benefits. When cleaning oily surfaces, steamy water will ease the task and clean efficiently.

If you have tried washing utensil in cold water, then you can agree that hot water works efficiently. The increased temperature reduces the surface tension of water, making it a viable cleaning agent. The molecule bonds on the surface will weaken and cause water to penetrate into pores and fissures easily. Knowing each of the hot and cold water power washing techniques will enable you to make a better decision. Let us how they stack up against each other.

Power Washing with Cold Water

1] Cost –Effectiveness

Cold water power washing machines are popular. Probably not because they are efficient than their hot water counterparts, but because they are cheap and readily available. Everyone is in haste to save a few coins. This is the reason why most people would prefer cold water washers. They are simple in their construction especially the electric models.

2] More Practical

Power washing with cold water is practical due to the smaller size of the washers. This makes it easier to move the equipment around, and it is also easy to maintain.

3] Reliability on the Mechanical Force

The cold water washers rely on the mechanical force in pressurizing the water jet in dislodging dirt from the surfaces. The water pressure is mostly enough in breaking down the impurities but less efficient on oily and greasy grounds. With the use of the detergents, it will help a bit in cleaning the spaces, but it can be a hard task when it comes to oil and grease.

Power Washing with Hot Water

The best analogy to use on hot water washer is the effectiveness in washing the dishes.

1] Effective to Clean Oily and Greasy Surfaces

Power washing with hot water helps in loosening the molecule bonds. As a result, the water penetrates into the surfaces and clean off the fissures. It requires less effort as compared to the cold water power washing techniques.

2] Expensive

With hot water power washing machines, you will have to loosen up your wallet. The commercials cleaners will charge a bit high by using the hot water washers compared to using cold water washers. This is due to the buying prices of the equipment and the level of maintenance required.

Power washing with hot water is applicable on any surface. From cleaning the dirt, oil, and grease. It requires less effort in performing the task.


Power washing with hot and cold water has its cons and pros. Basing on the above factors, you can come up with a conclusion and make a better decision. It will all depend on your priority and the level of efficiency that you want to achieve.





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