There are four controllable factors that should be understood when removing graffiti by power washing and pressure washing…

Time – The longer the contact time the deeper the graffiti remover will penetrate. The more sensitive the surface the shorter the time the graffiti product is on the surface.

Temperature – Warmer weather speeds up the rate in which the graffiti remover products operate.

Agitation – When graffiti removal products are applied by means of hard bristled brushes or scourers, it assists in breaking the bond between the graffiti and the surface. NOTE: be careful on sensitive surfaces, otherwise the underlying surface maybe damaged.

Chemical – Use the right chemical for the task at hand.

As we do not use chemicals during the use of power washing we rely on the other three factors. We Remove any unsightly graffiti from local buildings, walls or places of business. We provide special Graffiti removal rates for valued clients using our pressure cleaning products..


  • We found that Mobile Power Washing were very competitive, reliable and professional in their entire approach to all the jobs that we asked of them and would definitely recommend them to anybody that asked.
    Colin O’Rourke
  • Really happy with the job Mobile Power Washing did in our yard and around the house! It has brightened up our whole house and it looks like new.
    Peter Dawson
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