Granite Step Cleaning
Granite Step Cleaning Dublin

Granite floors, in addition to being porous, are usually exposed to considerable wear, both climatic and normal wear and tear of human traffic. Granite stairs and steps are usually used, both indoors and outdoors, given their durability, are associated with heavy wear and durability.

The cleaning of granite is usually very complicated, the dirt easily penetrates the pores of the stone, the way often used for a deep cleaning is the “picking and scraping” of the stone, which does not become advantageous, since only will weaken the structure, and cannot be done many times.

With the use of high pressure water machines, this issue is no longer a problem. The use of the water pressure jet is already an advantage for cleaning, however with some techniques and additives to the water jet, cleaning is fully effective. Depending on the type of granite, you can use various types of water pressure, as well as appropriate detergents, you can also use different water temperatures that easily eliminate grease stains and even chiclets.

It should be noted that for a good efficacy of this type of cleaning, it should be done with some regularity, the longer it is not cleaned, the more difficult it will be and the longer the cleaning will last.

There are specialized granite cleaning companies in Dublin that do this type of washing, as a rule, it is preferable to hire professionals already experienced in this type of cleaning, than renting high pressure machines. The advantage is the use of the machine, the companies in question, have a good response in this type of washing, when looking for companies, confirm the history and if they have specific experience or granite washes.

However for those who choose to buy, there are companies that provide support and give small demonstrations of how to clean some surfaces, in this case granites.

Nowadays, in addition to results, high pressure machines are more environmentally friendly, using less water than a regular hose (around 80% less) are a saving of time and money. They are practical in every way. They have the brackets for the spray tube and for the other accessories, they end up having everything in one. Other common elements that contribute to convenience are the anti-torsion coupling on the hose, the pressure regulator on the gun, the transparent detergent dispenser with filling indicator and a dispenser to add the detergent from the tank to the water jet.


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