Power Washing With Own Power Supply
power washing

High pressure cleaning machines are excellent allies in the deepest cleanings. It can wash from floors, stairs, facades, cars, and boats, anything that is difficult to clean, as long as it is a resistant surface.

There are numerous high pressure washing machines, most high pressure washing machines are powered by electric motors or gas engines. They work with a pump that pressurizes the water of your domestic hose, through adjustable jets, from the strongest up to the equivalent of a highly entraining spray on the surface to be cleaned. The higher the pressure, the more difficult the cleaning work they can handle. Both types require a continuous and uninterrupted supply of water.

Electric pressure washers are the best choice for light cleaning such as washing cars, outdoor grills and garage floors. They are generally cheaper and quieter, lighter and more portable than gas washers. Many have built-in tanks for optional detergent use. Always connect electric washer to electrical outlets that are protected by a ground fault circuit breaker.

Most of the pressure washers that you will find for rent or sell are gas powered. This type can provide higher water pressure than the electric type. But gas washers also require more water. These washers are the best choice for larger jobs, such as preparing surfaces for painting, eliminating aged stains and debris from previous paints as well as fleeting materials that hinder new paint. They are also ideal for floor cleaning, the strength of water combined with the use of detergents, as well as different water temperatures, allow a deep washing of surfaces, such as oil stains and even chiclets. You can rent one at tool rental stores along with accessories like chemical injectors or longer spray sticks to reach tall places. The greater the power of the jet of water, the higher the cost of sale / rental.

In case of occasional cleaning of facades or floors, it is advisable to hire specialized companies, since, in addition to specific equipment, they have people with experience in these cleanings who dominate the techniques and know to use specific additives for the surface in question. However, it is convenient to know the company and take into account the history of cleaning, know if they have experience and what are the previous results in cleanings similar to the one you want for your home or office. If you are looking for a quality commercial power washing company in Dublin, then look no further.


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